What our customers are saying

Impresive job learning our industry

Judi got to know our unique business and the ways the AEC sector works. Her investment in that learning was impressive and led her to develop tools and practices that are easy, effective, and smart! We enjoyed the work with her and recommend her highly.

Tony Forman

Help Navigating Financial Waters – Rough and Calm

We’ve been working with Judi for over 3 years, and she has been instrumental in helping us successfully navigate financial waters, both rough and calm. She spearheaded many large projects, such as transitioning us to QuickBooks Online, applying for the PPP loans and forgiveness, and migrating our 401K plan to a different firm. She has also been extremely helpful in setting and reviewing budgets, and working with our staff, bookkeeper, and accountant on various financial issues. I estimate that the money we have spent on her services has returned to us tenfold.

Greg Catalano

Help Through a Difficult Transition

Judi tremendously helped IMPACT during a difficult transition from one controller, who had to be removed from his position immediately, through the process of cleaning up our accounting, recruiting a new VP of finance, and helping during the new VP onboard. She came highly recommended and jumped right in, always putting our needs first and delivering on all of her promises. She did big things like helping us implement new financial controls, cleaning up state tax issues, cash forecasting, and other strategic needs, but was also willing to get her hands dirty with the bookkeeping and reporting. Would highly, highly recommend.

Bob Ruffolo

Path for the future

Judi joined us in the fall of 2019 as a part-time CFO and jumped right into the deep end of helping us rebuild our accounting processes and systems. We were incredibly lucky to find Judi when we did. She came on full time right before the pandemic, and it is hard to imagine getting through the past year without her help. Judi’s enthusiastic spirit and ability to wear a multitude of hats was essential to overcoming the challenges of 2020 and putting us on a road to grow coming going into 2021.

Charles Negaro Jr

More Fraud-Resistant

The mention of a Fraud Audit had me concerned. But after working with Judi at GrowthCast, the process was easy. Judi was professional and meet with my staff to review our processes. Her suggestions for improvement were implemented and we are so thankful for the time she gave us. Having an expert like Judi look at our financial operations from her perspective made our company more fraud-resistant. Thanks Judi!

Maura Esposito

Freed us up to Focus on our Mission

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience we had working with Judi at GrowthCast. She played a critical role in helping our Foundation transition from an outdated system to a new bookkeeping platform. The change in our system took place in the midst of several other major changes at our organization, and Judi’s patience, understanding, attention to detail, and perpetual optimism and positivity transformed what could have been a stressful experience into an exciting period of transition. Thanks to the streamlined systems she helped us put in place, the administrative workload for our staff team has been greatly reduced, freeing up our time to focus on our mission.

Laura McCargar

No More Intimidation

Thank you for a VERY informative and helpful hour!  You took some rather intimidating issues and suggested very digestible ways to approach them and gave me a checklist to help me keep things on track.  I look forward to working with you more in the future as my business grows.

Diana von Hallett
New Haven, CT

Fast Creative Problem Solving

All the questions, concerns, and furrowed brows just kind of get relief from Judi’s easygoing problem solving and really fast creative thinking

Christina Kane
The Grove

Fast and creative problem solving

Christina Kane
The Grove

Knowledge is Power

If you know where your money is, you can make better business decisions.

Maureen Jacobson

GrowthCast understands the needs of small businesses

GrowthCast understands the needs of small business when it comes to projecting cash flow.

John Hoda
International Missing Heir Finders, LLC

Insight into our fiances

My company hired GrowthCast to help us get more financially organized and to provide insight into our overall financial picture. Judi helped us create and run reports, budgets, forecasts, and has answered countless questions we’ve had throughout the time that we’ve worked with her. As a small business who cannot afford a full-time in-house CFO, she has been an invaluable resource to us, and we highly recommend her services.

Chris Henry

Improving my Business Fiscal Health

The Fiscal Fitness Boot Camp with Judi was really an amazing opportunity to reevaluate my processes, structure and overall “belief” system surrounding my businesses financial structure. It gave the opportunity to look at my businesses’ fiscal health through new eyes and “do the math” backward to make sure “A” did infect equal “B”. Beyond the course outline, Judi was super insightful and willing to follow me down my “rabbit hole” as one inquiry led to the next… A+ for both the course and Judi!

Tara Meeker