We Can’t All be Good at Everything

“We can’t all be good at everything” is a phrase I have always heard people mention, but haven’t always related to. For example, I’ve always known that there were people that struggled with numbers and, more specifically, Excel. As a person that loves statistics and analysis, I didn’t feel like I could relate, until recently…

As a startup founder, I wear a lot of hats. As you can probably imagine, some of them fit better than others. Graphic designer is not a hat I wear particularly well. In fact, it’s one of the tasks I almost always hire someone to do.

Recently, I had to make a minor change to the text in one of my images. I thought briefly about giving this to my designer, but quickly talked myself out of it. I asked myself, “How hard can it possibly be?” before letting myself know that “you’ve got this.”

I opened the image in my editing program, and immediately felt my shoulders tightening and my stomach churning as I scanned the overwhelming list of menu selections trying to figure out how to change the text. I had a few false starts, painted my image black, fumbled around for a few minutes more before I finally let out a curse, closed the file, and called my designer.

So for all of you that cringe at the thought of doing anything in Excel – I feel your pain. And, can anyone help me change some text?  🙂

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