The Fiscal Fitness Boot Camp – All the Details

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From the video...

Let’s continue talking about the Fiscal Fitness Boot Camp.

Hi, this is Judi Otton with GrowthCast and today I’m going to answer all those logistical questions that you probably have rattling around in your brain. Let me talk about how the course is structured.

There are six modules we cover simple and effective processes, understanding revenue and profit, two different things, plugging your profit drains, budgeting and business planning, putting profit first and becoming your own CFO. There are also two bonus modules, one on a freelancer’s tool kit and the other one is Surviving Wild Success, which is was a really fun one to create. The course comes with a workbook that includes all the information as well as numerous templates, tools and checklists. Every lesson has a little tool for you to use running your own business. Each lesson has a video lesson, a section in the workbook, as I mentioned, the appropriate tools and, and checklists or whatever you need for that lesson as well as access to prior recorded coaching calls.

The coaching calls that you’ll have access to, they happen twice a month. And those times vary a little bit, so hopefully you’ll be able to make one.

You get lifetime access to this course. So if you ever want to go back and review something, you’ve forgotten something, it’s there. And most importantly, there is a no questions asked, money back guarantee. If after your first 14 days, and that’s more than enough to do your first module. Maybe the first two, if that after your first 14 days, you’re not completely satisfied, just let me know and I will refund all the money for you.

Now, the question you probably have in your head is what’s the investment? The investment for the Fiscal Fitness Boot Camp is $997, again for full lifetime access. But for you folks watching this video, if you use the code VS20 you will get an additional 20% off. So the link is down below in the first comment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and I look forward to seeing you on the inside where you will gain confidence in your business, peace of mind that you’re as successful as you could be and a strong Fiscally Fit business. See you next time.

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