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Becoming One with Your Customers – A 2-Part Series

Part II: Growing Customer Loyalty… and the Bottom Line!

Often, busy, multi-tasking, success-driven business owners build day-to-day procedures and norms that are internally focused. In other words, we build our businesses – from sales to service to billing – that are based on our business needs, norms and challenges, rather than the desires and behaviors of our customers. In the long term, this is a risky proposition. A cohesive growth strategy should be centered around a satisfying customer experience at all points of contact across the life of the customer relationship. What does this mean?

  • What do you do to ensure an ongoing relationship, referrals and/or repeat sales?
    • Do you regularly touch base with customers with value-added information or just friendly check-ins?
    • Do you provide your most valuable customers with special offers and service levels?
    • Do you proactively and consultatively offer additional services based on customer needs?
  • Put yourselves in your customers’ shoes and consider all the ways they connect with your company by phone, on your website and face-to-face. What are the possible “pain points”? How might these impact your success?
  • Finally, what 3-5 things can each and every team member do daily address any issues you identify and provide the best customer experience possible? What can the company change on a longer-term basis?

Make this an “awareness-building/kumbaya/peace and joy” exercise. No finger pointing. If you recognize the hurdles and prioritize the changes you can build solutions and create forward momentum!

Becoming One with Your Customers – A 2-Part Series

Part I: What’s it like being your customer?

Amid the year-end chaos that begins the moment the last piece of Halloween candy was handed out (or eaten surreptitiously at midnight – I won’t judge), it is incredibly beneficial for us as business owners and employees to take a time out. Reserve a few hours away from fighting daily fires. Gather your teams to reflect back and think ahead. Focus everyone’s positive energy on the ultimate source of your success – your customers.

Think about the following with your team: How would you assess the ease of doing business with you? Can your customers (or prospective customers) …

  • Contact who they need when they need them and through their preferred channel?
  • Understand their invoices and pay you conveniently?
  • Know what they are getting and what it’s going to cost?
  • Schedule service within a reasonable time?
  • Make optimal use of your product or service?
  • Find the information they need on your website and understand what you offer?

The little inconveniences may not seem like a big deal but, over time, they can add up to
dissatisfaction and attrition. Take stock and fix the small things, and you are on the path to
stronger relationships!