VIP Package

CFO Concierge Service from GrowthCastAre you an established business owner who feels like your profit isn’t where you’d like it to be?

Would you like help to keep your financial goals on track?

Are you confused because you’re selling more but not taking home more?

Are you interested in an alternative that’s significantly less expensive than hiring a full-time CFO?

If you answered “YES!!!” to one or more of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the PERFECT candidate for GrowthCast’s CFO VIP service.

The GrowthCast CFO VIP service is a premium plan that includes:

  • A Profit Map Assessment to identify your risks and opportunities
  • A Profit Plan detailing your path to greater profits
  • AND your own CFO with personalized advice, continuing guidance, and hands-on help on implementing the Profit Plan, and overall fiscal health.

After a comprehensive, six-month CFO Concierge program your company will be more profitable and successful than you’ve ever imagined.

Are you ready to have all your financial processes improved?

With your financial processes and controls streamlined and an action plan for your financial goals, you will be confident that every dollar spent is maximized for profit and growth.

Make an appointment for a complimentary fiscal health conversation or call for more info at 203-441-5834.