Profit Plan

Easy Budget
We make budgeting easy

The Profit Plan includes everything contained in the Financial Checkup and will cost you a fraction of what it would cost to hire your own in-house CFO.

Are you:

  • Frustrated that you’re not taking home as much money as you should?
  • Confused about how to reach your financial goals?
  • Unsure where your money is going?

At the end of this Financial Planning process, you will have:

  • A plan to meet your financial goals
  • A list of the top three things YOU need to do to improve your profitability (customized to you)
  • An easy-to-use tool to track your progress

The best part is – I do all the hard work! All you need to do is provide the following:

  • Income Statements for the past 12 months or three years (if you have them)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Goals, initiatives and changes for the next 12 months

Don’t worry if you don’t have all this data.  We’ll work with what you do have together!

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