My single biggest secret to success – my trusted confidants!

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I’m celebrating 10 years in business all month long because, why not? So today, I’m going to share with you my single biggest factor in my success, my happiness, and my peace of mind. And that is that portion of my business network that are really my trusted confidants and advisors. This is so important for entrepreneurs and business owners. What we’re doing is hard. It can often be lonely and sometimes even really scary. So we need those people that we can be open with and we can talk to and we can lean on when we need a shoulder to lean on. This is not necessarily your spouse or partner, life partner, because they have a very vested interest in your success. Your business partner can be part of this. But I would advise you to have additional support people beyond your business partner. We need people that know what it’s like. We need to be able to talk about that difficult client, or that situation that has never come up before, or that month where the income just has dried up, or even those days where we just want to give up and get a job. So make sure you have these folks, when I was starting out, I joined a coworking space and yes, I made wonderful business connections. But the personal connections that I made there were just invaluable. So find those folks hold them tight and make sure that they know how important they are to you. This is Judi Otton with GrowthCast and I’ll be back next week with a new Fiscal Fitness Tip of the Week.

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