Habits of Financial Health

Here at GrowthCast, we have users that find our service valuable for making big-yet-infrequent financial decisions such as moving, hiring or making a big investment. However, we also have businesses that monitor their financial position regularly. Guess which ones are healthier?

Using any sort of forecasting tool exclusively for the big (and infrequent) decisions is like crash dieting and exercising before a big reunion and eating cheeseburgers on the couch the very next day. While it might give you some short term results, it doesn’t make you any healthier. On the other hand, keeping an eye on your cash flow and knowing where you’re heading with revenue is the equivalent of eating healthy and working out regularly. This is what pays the long term dividends, keeping you healthy and active long into your life. It’s no different with your business.

So, are you the crash dieter or the consistently healthy person?

It’s your choice.

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