GrowthCast—Like Hiring A CFO, Only Better

At GrowthCast, we provide the financial clarity and guidance needed to make smart decisions—fast. Founded in 2013 by seasoned business executive Judi Otton, GrowthCast offers a comprehensive suite of financial services designed to help small business owners manage their cash flow, maximize their profits, and master their money.

Meet Our Founder, Judi Otton

A classic left-brained leader with a keen eye for detail and the savvy of a seasoned entrepreneur, Judi Otton has helped many small businesses navigate the ins and outs of financial success. Her background in engineering and MBA in international business gives her a unique perspective on how to grow businesses of all sizes. Her passionate enthusiasm for helping others succeed is infectious.

Judi has been an executive, business owner, and entrepreneur, so she understands the challenges of running a profitable business from all sides. She's led teams of all sizes, from small startups just getting off the ground to international groups within Fortune 100 firms with multi-million-dollar budgets. Her unique blend of financial savvy, practical experience, and passion for teaching is what sets her and GrowthCast apart.

She understands the pressures that come with being a business owner and knows precisely how to help turn those pressures into profits. And while the CFO role is the one she enjoys most, she can also help with the following:

  • Choosing the right team of professionals,
  • Developing a sound financial strategy,
  • Setting targeted goals and success metrics, and
  • Growing businesses, whether they’re brand new or generations old.

With GrowthCast, you'll get the guidance and support you need to make smart decisions, maximize your profits, and achieve long-term success. No more guesswork. No more sleepless nights worrying about money. Just financial clarity and the skills you need to make your business thrive.