​​Are your business financials flabby (or, worse, non-existent)?

Do you struggle with financial discipline? 

Would finally understanding your business’s cash flow feel like winning Olympic Gold?  


If your business numbers overwhelm you, you’re not alone: 

60% of small business owners feel they aren't knowledgeable when it comes to your financials.

When you started your business, you started with passion. You wanted to change the world – or at least, your corner of it. You were excited to enroll new customers, launch new products and programs…and make BANK

What you didn’t plan for were the spreadsheets, the math problems, or figuring out how to actually pay yourself (and your team) consistently.


We’ll teach you the ABCs of financial management – step by step in a way that actually makes sense (no jargon and no complicated math or formulas here!).


Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp

Small Business Finances Made Simple

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll gain the skills you need to confidently and accurately track your business finances so that you can do things like predict cash flow, plan for the unexpected, track payroll, and more. 

Hi, I’m Judi - Your Fiscal Fitness Coach

As GrowthCast’s founder, I am passionate about helping businesses achieve financial health. I’ll teach you how to manage your financials in a hands-on, easy-to-understand way, and implement the tools and processes that make sense in your business. 

Every business I help benefits from my years of experience managing teams across a variety of industries and sizes (from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations). 

It’s time to make your cash flow!


Establish Simple, Effective Systems & Processes 

Discover the systems, tools, and processes that make tracking your business  income and expenses easy-peasy. We’ll show you the super-simple equations that will unlock a whole new world of predictability and insights that will not only help you scale but stop the leaks (like that software subscription you never, ever use…). 

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  • Input, track and control all your financials, so you never wonder how you’re going to pay yourself or your team again. 
  • Calculate the numbers that matter to you and your business growth – like sales, costs, cash, and, of course, profit!
  • Establish your super simple, crazy efficient weekly routine to manage it all


Understand Your Profits & Revenue 

Learn how to generate steady, dependable revenue and increase profits by creating your Practical Profit Path so that you can focus on the most profitable aspects of your business…and phase out the things that are costing you time and money.  

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  • Understand the differences between profit and revenue and how each impacts your business
  • Quickly identify “Risky Revenue” that drains your profitability (and, when left unchecked, will literally kill your business)
  • Implement “The 3% Solution” to streamline invoicing and makes paying you quick and easy 
  • Practice GrowthCast’s foolproof collections methodology so that you can stop chasing down money that you are owed (and maybe even get paid early!)


Plug Your Profit Drains 

Find out exactly how to determine necessary business expenses so that you know exactly which of your overhead costs are vital to your business’ success – and which expenses to plug so that you can stop draining your profits month after month.

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  • Categorize your regular expenses – weekly, monthly, and quarterly – and learn how to pay yourself regularly
  • Turbocharge the impact of your business spending
  • Avoid the cash burn trap and understand why keeping cash on hand to pay expenses doesn’t mean you should use it
  • Discover how to access capital for the right projects and at the lowest possible rates
  • Pay down your debt in a way that makes sense for the longevity of your business
  • Identify your top profit drains (and keep that money IN your business…not in someone else’s pocket)


Create a Business Budget & Plan for Massive Growth 

While “budget” may not be the sexiest word in the English language (or any language), when it comes to business, your budget is mission-critical if you want to do things like pay yourself, pay your team, invest in marketing, training, or coaching.

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  • Project reasonable growth scenarios and learn what it takes to meet them
  • Capture accurate start-up costs for upcoming projects and initiatives
  • Look forward to future successes and learn from your past blips 
  • Plan and set goals despite not having all the facts (because you never will, and that's okay)
  • Pay yourself the right amount for you and your business 
  • Decide whether to spend on current initiatives for stability and growth (such as marketing and training) or the future (e.g., new equipment and additional hires)
  • Learn how to evaluate, review, and adjust your business budget to meet current (and future) goals


Prioritize Profit First 

Based on the best-selling philosophy (and book) by Mike Michalowicz, you’ll learn the how and the why behind our GrowthCast spin on the Profit First method so that you can see an increase in your profit and loss statements right away. 

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  • Learn how to think differently when calculating your profit
  • Distribute incoming revenue consistently using our tools so that your expenses are covered 
  • Pay yourself a reasonable salary (and bonuses when it makes sense) 
  • Make sure that you’re always setting aside enough to pay taxes and cover any emergencies that may occur
  • Actually have money to invest and grow your business


Embrace the CEO You Are 

We’ll walk through smart changes and adaptations you can make to stay on course so that you’re always moving toward your goals while building a more profitable, healthy business with each transaction.  

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  • Prepare for the unpredictable with resources that are in line with priorities
  • React quickly and confidently when presented with new opportunities (or obstacles)
  • Track and understand changes to your bottom line and respond accordingly with expert tools and resources
  • Complete your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial checklist activities — and know what you can delegate
  • Partner with the right experts and resources to cultivate accurate, timely reporting, and review strategies


The Freelancer’s Toolkit (So You Actually Survive Your Success)

You started your business because you had BIG dreams – to change the way things are done, to improve lives (including yours)...rather than end up burnt out waving the white flag, you can turn to the Freelancer’s Toolkit to teach you what you need to know to not just survive your success - but THRIVE from it. 

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  • How to properly price your services & offerings so that you can make a living and have a life!
  • How to stay mentally and emotionally supported as you grow your business (hint: this is not your spouse, your BFF, or your mom).

Plus, all Bootcamp members are invited to join their fearless financial coach the 2nd Tuesday at 1pm ET and the 4th Wednesday at 3pm ET* month(ly) for group coaching & implementation beginning in January 2023. That alone is a $500/month.

To work with you on your business finances 1:1, your investment would be at least $5000/mo.

When you join Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp, you get the EXACT framework & tools that I utilize with my 1:1 clients, for only $997 (that's a HUGE value!)

*group coaching & implemenation calls subject to change - there will be NO call the 4th week of December.

All the questions, concerns, and furrowed brows just kind of get relief from Judi’s easy-going problem solving and really fast creative thinking.

Christina Kane
Director of Culture, The Grove

Judi took some rather intimidating issues and suggested very digestible ways to approach them and gave me a checklist to help me keep things on track.

Diana von Hallett

When you enroll in Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp, you’ll learn exactly how to implement a proven, simple financial process designed for businesses like yours. 

With our help, our clients are able to scale their businesses beyond “multi-6-figure” earnings and break the 7-figure ceiling…and with the Bootcamp, you can see incredible growth, too. 

Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp is the only program you need to finally understand your business finances. Packed with quick, 20-minute on-demand video lessons, downloadable tools, and resources to accelerate your success, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to finally do something about your business’s money. 

In fact, when someone asked, "what software are you using in the Bootcamp? Is it something else I need to buy? Or is it Excel, Google?" This was my answer:

You do not need any specific software to succeed in the Bootcamp.  Inside the Bootcamp, we use both QuickBooks Online and Excel for demonstration purposes - but what you learn will be relevant regardless of the platform and tools you use.  You will need to have a ‘real’ accounting software (not a spreadsheet, or a notebook, not a box of paper stuff).  If you don’t already use an accounting software, don’t worry; we’ll get you set up in the course, and  there are plenty of low-cost and even free options available.  You’ll be glad you have it when you see how much insight you can get!

Bootcamp Members Receive...

  • Your Weekly 1-Hour Financial Fitness Routine with step-by-step guidance so you know exactly what to look at
  • The GrowthCast Profit Plan™ Template to increase your revenue AND  your profits
  • The GrowthCast Start-Up Tool allows you to model new projects so that you can determine if they’re worth spending time on before you invest your time (and money)
  • Our Negotiating Know-How framework that will help you dominate any negotiations – in both your life and your business
  • The Practical Profit Path, a roadmap to discovering your most profitable products and your most profitable market
  • Our Protecting Your Profits Plan so that you can strategically discern the top 10 profit drains and plug them for good 
  • Your Proven Process Plan so that you can confidently pivot and change as needed 
  • Identify pitfalls and potential dangers using the GrowthCast Tracking Tool so that you can fix them before they become a problem, and take advantage of potential opportunities before they’re gone

+3 (Awesome) Bonuses:

The GrowthCast New Initiatives Checklist ensures that when you need to suddenly start something new, you get it right.

Our favorite Simple Software Solutions in a handy checklist so that you can pick the perfect programs for your business.

And our list of Cheap Credit Connections, which outlines exactly where GrowthCast, and our clients, go to get the fewest fees and the lowest interest and how you can do the same.

We promise that you don’t have to figure out your business finances alone. We’re here to support you as you scale and grow.

If you’ve been using the “hope and pray” method to track your financials, it’s time to step into your CEO role and take ownership of your business’s finances. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll always be the one preparing your numbers – you can absolutely outsource that…but first, you need to get real about what your business revenue and profit look like. 

We are passionate about your success, which is why we created Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp to support you, increase your financial confidence, and put you in full control of your business growth.  

In just [12 weeks], you’ll be a Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp graduate – fiscally strong and in control

Answers to Your Questions:

How long will I have access to the course?

All students have lifetime access to the Bootcamp, including updates & revisions.

Is the reference to 12 weeks because there are 12 segments or because that’s the way you suggest they pace it?

12 weeks means that students would have 2 weeks per module - the lessons are short (~20 minutes each), and then there are assignments to implement the learnings in your business.  Of course, the Bootcamp is self-paced, so you can complete the program as you are able. 

What’s the total time commitment to go through the (video?) course?

The course is self-paced, but I do recommend 12 weeks. There are six lessons, as well as twice-monthly coaching calls.  

Can I start the Bootcamp anytime, or do you have enrollment and start dates?

We do not (currently) have start dates, which means that as soon as you enroll, you can start the Bootcamp.

Do the Group Calls expire?

All Bootcamp members are invited to join their Judi for a LIVE group (video) call each month on the 2nd Tuesday at 1 pm ET and the 4th Wednesday at 3 pm ET for group coaching & implementation.

If you know where your money is, you can make better business decisions.

Maureen Jacobson
Founder & CEO, MCJ Business Advisors, LLC

Judi’s patience, understanding, attention to detail, and perpetual optimism and positivity transformed what could have been a stressful experience into an exciting period of transition. Thanks to the streamlined systems she helped us put in place, the administrative workload for our staff team has been greatly reduced, freeing up our time to focus on our mission.

Laura McCargar
President, Perrin Family Foundation