Do you hate marketing yourself as much as I do?

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Do you hate marketing yourself?

Hi, I’m Judi Otton with GrowthCast. And I do, or should I say I did, until I discovered Videosocials and these videos that you’ve been watching on my channel all along.

They give me something every week, one piece of content that I can post without really having to write anything or dig anything up.

Plus, I have many prospects that come to me and say, I feel like I already know you because I’m on these videos every week being myself and talking about the things that I care about and the things that I work on. And finally, it gives me an opportunity to give a little bit of information, give a little bit of value to anybody who’s watching out there.

So, hopefully, you’re getting some good tidbits from these videos. If you’re interested in marketing yourself like this, please come as my guest to one of my Videosocials clubs ( The people there are amazing. It’s one of the highlights of my week, every week and like I said, I get my marketing done as well. This is Judi Otton with GrowthCast and I’ll see you next week with a new Fiscal Fitness Tip of the Week.

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