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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with me? Today I’m going to give you a little insight. Hi I’m Judi Otton with GrowthCast and this is your Fiscal Fitness Tip of the Week. Some of the questions or hesitancy that I hear from prospects and clients I’m going to share today. So the first one is is that finances hard and I’ll – me Mr. client will never get it. Well, this is what I do. I can explain finance in very simple English, in very understandable terms. What I love to do more than anything is teach my CEOs and my business owners the handful of things that they need to understand and be keeping an eye on. So this is my superpower if you will. This is exactly what I do and one of the things that differentiates me from other people that are fractional CFOs. The second thing I hear is, oh my finances are messy, I wouldn’t want anyone to see them. You know what? I see a lot, I see a lot of messy things. It’s all okay. I don’t judge, I just want to help you clean them up and if you don’t get help, they’re never going to get unmessy, they’re never going to get cleaned up. So you know, be a little brave and bare your messy financials and it will get a lot better. The 3rd one I hear is you’re probably very expensive. So this I will say is not really a misconception. Yes, I am not cheap, but I have to tell you in eight years of owning this business, I can only think of one client that did not make more money after working with me than they paid for my services. Sometimes a lot more money. One of my most recent clients brought in 30 times more money than they paid me over and over a long period of time. That’s incredible. That’s not normal. But that’s, that’s something that I was able to achieve with this client. And in addition, we put in a lot of efficiencies that are going to help them be more profitable every single year going forward. So if you have any questions or any other concerns that I didn’t address, feel free to leave them in the chat or reach out to me on social or through my website. I’m Judi Otton and I’ll be back next week with your Fiscal Fitness Tip of the Week.

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