CFO for Hire

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We work with you to make your finances simple

My “CFO for Hire” services are tiered according to your needs and pocketbook – from an entry-level service…to a full VIP package. No matter what level you choose, you’ll still be spending less than if you had to outfit your own in-house financial organization.

Solutions to meet your Challenges

I’ve met with countless small business owners over the years, and time and again, the same challenges and needs have come to the surface.

I find that many business owners…

  • Aren’t confident they’re handling their financials well and are overwhelmed trying to make sense of their reports
  • Are frustrated, because they are not taking home as much money as they think they should
  • Want to hire a new employee or make an investment to grow their business, but are not sure they can afford it

Let me be your “second set of eyes” – without the emotional connection that you have to your own business. My goal is to help small business owners grow their businesses and achieve their goals — both large and small.

If you’re not a “numbers person,” or you just avoid financial issues altogether, I can help

  • I will work with you to simplify and master your financials in everyday language that’s easy to understand
  • I will team up with you to give you the confidence, knowledge, and tools to create and understand your financial forecasts
  • I will put you on the path to making better business decisions that will ultimately increase your profitability

GrowthCast’s diagnostic process determines areas where you can make money, save money, and save time. My goal is to put you at ease regarding one of the most stressful parts of your business – your bottom line.

See for yourself what one of our customers has to say about the experience of working with GrowthCast:

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