How are you doing on those business goals?

Welcome to the third quarter. The year is half way over. How are you doing on your business goals? If you’re like a lot of people, they’re long forgotten, but now is the time to refocus. Some ideas:

Want to increase sales?

  • Try one new marketing tactic
  • Join a group where your clients will be
  • Reach out to some contacts that may be in a position to refer you to others
  • Recommit to your blog
  • Start a newsletter

Want to streamline operations?

  • Commit to buying that new CRM (or support, or ERP) system you’ve been eying
  • Document one standard procedure each week
  • Clear the clutter
  • Hire that employee you desperately need
  • Find an intern to take care of that project that’s been hanging over your head.

Want to cut costs

  • Review your P&L for the first six months looking for things you could eliminate
  • Renegotiate terms with one vendor
  • Find a new source for one of your key expenses
  • Clean up your mailing lists
  • Pay down any high interest loans or credit card balances

Do you have other ideas for meeting your business goals? Please share them!  How are you doing?  Feel free to share that as well.  We can all help each other meet our goals.

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