2022 Planning Tips

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It’s been said over and over and over and over again – It’s been a wild couple of years. As we’re wrapping up this year and planning for the next, I’m going to offer you some things to take forward from this wild couple of years because, as I mentioned before, I do think that this sort of disruption is going to continue for quite some time. So as you’re doing your business planning for 2022, I want to offer you these three tips. First of all, be flexible. You’ve had supply chain issues. What kinds of alternatives have you come up with? What kinds of other suppliers or alternatives to getting that particular ingredient or supply have you discovered? You’ve probably had labor issues. Where are there things that you can automate? Where are there places that you can be more efficient with what you’ve got. And many most of us are working from home. What does that do for your business? What kinds of things does that open up? As you’re thinking about that, be strategic. How has your business changed in the past couple of years? Personally, I’m doing everything on Zoom, which means that I don’t need to limit myself to entrepreneurs in the tri- state area. I can work with someone anywhere, and that will change the way I market my business. Another thing that I’ve discovered is that I can be anywhere, so that may change my life next year. I don’t need to be here in my office in Connecticut to serve you. Finally, what kinds of contributions are you going to make to society and to your community? No, you don’t need to cure global warming, but you can still make a big impact in your local community. I have many businesses here that over the past couple years have done some amazing things. I personally love doing some pro bono work for some entrepreneurs that are really special and really doing something unique, again contributing to society. So how are you going to support your community and support other people going forward? And how are you going to make ’22 the best year ever? This is Judi Otton with GrowthCast , and I’ll be back next week with your final tip for wrapping up this crazy wild year. Have a good day. Bye bye

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