GrowthCast helps busy entrepreneurs make money and feel in control of the businesses they are passionate about.

I know that making sense of your business’s finances causes you sleepless nights. GrowthCast’s personal CFO Solutions will give you clarity, consistency and cash flow!

Does “running the show” leave you little time to focus on your bottom line? Are you frustrated you’re not making the money you should? If you’re nodding “yes,” we can help you take control of the numbers!

Let’s Talk About Your Business

Pursue your passion and make a profit with financial management services tailor-made for your growing business. GrowthCast provides 1:1 consulting, coaching and self-paced programs designed to give you the clarity, consistency, and cash flow you need to reach your goals.

Mastering your Financials — Even if You Aren't a "Numbers Person"

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Customized CFO Services

Do you need someone objective by your side to help you gain money smarts and then make tough decisions? We’ve worked with countless businesses. I’ve seen the common struggles. Our CFO services are tiered to your needs and offer different levels of business analysis, financial management, ongoing personal consultation and support.

Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp

Not ready for the one-on-one CFO consulting? This self-paced, modular course can help you learn the basics of running a financially healthy company. We include lots of downloadable tools, reference sources, and live group coaching so you can get the most out of the course, and put into practice what you have learned in real time.

New Online Courses

COMING SOON: The Moneymaker’s Mindset digs deep into your attitudes and beliefs about money and explores how this impacts your leadership style and decision making.

Speaking Engagements

Educate everyone in your networking group on fiscal fitness at your next business or organizational meeting! I have many topics to choose from and will customize it for your group. Your attendees will receive practical, information in a fun and engaging manner that they can all understand!

Recent Blog Posts

Our small business outlook isn’t limited to dollars and cents. Our experience with a broad spectrum of organizations provides us with insight into many types of operational and management issues that directly or indirectly impact the bottom line.


Meet Judi Otton, Your CFO

As GrowthCast founder, I am passionate about helping businesses achieve financial health. I’ll teach you how to manage your financials in a hands-on, easy-to-understand way, and implement the tools and processes that make sense in your business. Every business I help benefits from my years of experience managing multi-functional teams across a variety of industries and sizes (from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations). Let me help you make your cash flow!