Judi Otton CFO for Hire - Fiscal Mazerunner

Is managing your business’s finances your least favorite part of being an entrepreneur?

Are you

  • Frustrated that you’re working harder and taking home less?
  • Not as profitable as you think you should be, despite making more sales?
  • Scared about the possibility of future cash flow issues?
  • Concerned about your future financial health?
  • Worried about making decisions that have a big financial impact?
  • Unsure about which products and services are most profitable?
  • Confused about your financials?

Partnering with GrowthCast’s CFO for Hire will give you:

  • Clarity into your businesses financial health
  • Confidence to make wise business decisions
  • Cash Flow to follow your dreams

“GrowthCast’s diagnostic process determines areas where you can make money, save money, and save time. My goal is to put you at ease regarding your bottom line.”

Judi Otton, CEO GrowthCast CFO for Hire & Fiscal Fitness Consultant



Top Ten Questions From Business Owners

#10 “How come I’m working harder but not making any more money?”
#9 “Why am I making less money even though I have more sales?”
#8 “What can I do to improve my cash flow?”
#7 “How do I know if my company is fiscally fit?”
#6 “Can I afford to hire or buy that expensive piece of new equipment”
#5 “Is it OK that I don’t understand the reports my accountant sends me?”
#4 “How do I know which products or services are the most profitable?”
#3 “How big does my company need to be before I need a CFO?”
#2 “What can I do to make my small business more profitable?”
#1 If I can’t afford a CFO, how can I still get that expertise?


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