Are you a hard working business owner that’s not taking home as much cash as you’d like?

Don't let your business success be a puzzle
Don’t let your profits be a puzzle

Do you find that you procrastinate reviewing your financials, because you just don’t love that part of running your business?

I’m Judi Otton and I’m the founder of GrowthCast, a full-service, “CFO for Hire” firm, dedicated to helping small business owners make their businesses as efficient and profitable as possible. My services are ideal for those who can’t afford the luxury of an in-house financial department, or CFO.

Are you

  • Frustrated that you’re working harder and taking home less?
  • Not as profitable as you think you should be, despite making more sales?
  • Scared about the possibility of future cash flow issues?
  • Concerned about your future financial health?
  • Worried about making decisions that have a big financial impact?
  • Unsure about which products and services are most profitable?
  • Confused about your financials?

Partnering with GrowthCast will give you:

  • Clarity into your businesses financial health
  • Confidence to make wise business decisions
  • Cash Flow to follow your dreams

“With GrowthCast, you’ll have the time to get out of the office and the confidence to pursue your dreams”

Contact me for more information or call (203) 441-5834