VIP Services

CFO for Hire
We’re here to help

If you have additional financial needs, our VIP Package is just for you. The VIP Package includes everything in the “Financial Checkup” and “Profit Plan” packages – and much more.

If you are:

  • Not sure that your finances are under control
  • Needing some help keeping on track with your financial goals
  • Overwhelmed with financial tasks or questions
  • Confused because you’re selling more but not taking home more

In lieu of hiring a full time senior financial person — let me advise you on your bookkeeping, accounting and overall financial health.

The VIP Package is a comprehensive, six-month program. Once we’ve gone through this initial phase together, you will have:

  • Confidence that you’re not wasting any money
  • Personalized action items to meet YOUR financial goals
  • Streamlined financial processes and controls

After this six-month program, if you feel that help is still needed, I can continue to support you on an ongoing basis, for a monthly fee.