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Christina KaneDirector of CultureThe GroveNew Haven, CT

Christina Kaneall the questions, concerns, and furrowed brows just kind of get relief from her easygoing problem solving and really fast creative thinking


Christina KaneDirector of CultureThe GroveNew Haven, CT

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience we had working with Judi at GrowthCast. She played a critical role in helping our Foundation transition from an outdated system to a new bookkeeping platform. The change in our system took place in the midst of several other major changes at our organization, and Judi’s patience, understanding, attention to detail, and perpetual optimism and positivity transformed what could have been a stressful experience into an exciting period of transition. Thanks to the streamlined systems she helped us put in place, the administrative workload for our staff team has been greatly reduced, freeing up our time to focus on our mission.

Laura McCargarPresidentPerrin Family FoundationNew Haven, CT

David Marvin Botwik-RiesWhen I moved … I used  GrowthCast to forecast the appropriate funds needed for my transition. GrowthCast gives you a simple and user-friendly way to manage your finances.

Great for IndividualsDavid Marvin Botwick-Ries

John Hoda GrowthCast understands the needs of small business when it comes to projecting cash flow.

John HodaOwnerInternational Missing Heir Finders, LLCNew Haven, CT

DVHThank you for a VERY informative and helpful hour!  You took some rather intimidating issues and suggested very digestible ways to approach them and gave me a checklist to help me keep things on track.  I look forward to working with you more in the future as my business grows.

Diana von HallettNew Haven, CT

Maureen JacobsonIf you know where your money is, you can make better business decisions.

Maureen JacobsonCEO and FounderMCJ Business Advisors, LLCValhalla, NY